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From cruising the beach on a perfect summer day to buzzing along on your daily commute, a convertible transforms every drive into something special. Every time you drop the top to feel the sun on your face (even if that means turning the heat on for a brisk fall morning) you instantly feel happier.

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Whether it's just you in a sporty 2-seat roadster or a convertible that comfortably fits the whole family, the best convertible is the one you can't wait to drive. We make it easy to find the cars that fit you. Simply choose a Quick List of convertibles to select what's important to you and instantly see the cars that you might want.

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Mustang Convertibles
Ford's muscle car continues to be a fan favorite. Always in style, this ragtop is undeniably cool and hasn't lost its good looks after a complete redesign for the 2015 model year.

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View and compare all convertible cars, now featuring complete details including mileage (MPG) and safety ratings.

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