Cadillac Ciel Concept (Softtop Convertible)

Still deciding on a Softtop convertible? How about this Cadillac Ciel Concept. With seating for 4 this Convertible can fit the driver and 3 passengers... a typical family of four. A 4-door convertible, the Ciel Concept provides the ultimate in convenience for your backseat passengers.

Cadillac Ciel Concept

Base Price: Unknown

  • Doors: 4
  • Seats: 4
  • Top Style: Softtop
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Prod Status: Concept

Description: Striving to best Bentley and Bugatti, the Cadillac Ciel concept car combines extreme luxury and modern technology with features like Italian Olive wood trim from a single fallen tree and a twin-turbo hybrid engine.

Notes: Okay, it's a concept car - but really, aromatherapy? It's a convertible, let nature provide the aromas!

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